Light vehicles 4wd safety flags USA

Help your light vehicles stay safe and mine spec when working on-site


Of course, there’s the safety regulations you have to meet for your LVs and 4WDs on-site. But there’s a more urgent priority: to keep those vehicles as visible as possible to minimise risk of serious accidents, especially around heavy plant and machinery.

Light vehicle flags are the obvious answer to the safety question. Built specially for smaller vehicles, each of these flags is either topped with a high-vis LED light, or has the entire pole illuminated by LED. The poles are made from tough, flexible fibreglass, and then wrapped in PVC tubing that prevents splintering.

Equip your 4WDs and utes with light vehicle flags that help keep them safe around your site. Browse our range or get in touch if you have any questions.

Each light vehicle safety flag assembly comes with a pole (LED or non-LED), Reflective X safety flag, and quick release base

Choose from half-pole LED illumination, full-pole LED illumination, or top-of-pole LED light

Specified and used on BHP, Rio Tinto, Fortescue and many mine sites around the world.

Select the light colour for the full-colour LED pole (red / blue / green / amber / white)

Safety flag poles are made flexible, so at higher speeds will bend and whip. However, to avoid damage to the vehicle or pole, do not drive at speeds faster than 60km/hr when the pole is attached.