Collection: LED Safety Flags


Expert manufacturers

Vehicle Safety Flags are expert manufacturers and distributors of LED whips and safety flag products in Australia.

Care about safety

Vehicle mounted safety flags like LED buggy whips are an essential item to improve safety when operating a light vehicle in a mining situation

Goverment regulation

Equipping your light vehicle with LED aerials or an LED safety whip will not only contribute to a safer working environment, it is also a government regulation in many countries.

Excellent visibility

A whip light affixed to your vehicle will minimise the risks associated with poor visibility when driving a light vehicle in a mining operation, particularly when encountering heavy vehicles.

Great for small vehicles

LED whips improve the visibility of smaller vehicles, leading to increased mine safety and more efficient working environments.

Bright light

Light up whips reduce the risk of collisions and accidents by warning heavy vehicle drivers that a light vehicle is nearby.


Maximise the visibility of your light vehicle and improve site safety with a customised whip light from Vehicle Safety Flags.

Our LED aerials are made from heavy duty fibreglass, meaning they are flexible and strong enough to withstand the rough conditions of a mine site.

LED Flags

We have a half LED buggy whip, full LED buggy whip or a top LED whip to suit your purpose.

Our whip lights are available in lengths ranging from 0.6 metres to 3 metres and consist of a reflective X on an orange or yellow mesh flag. Mounting base options include quick release, spring, fixed bolt-on, magnetic or anti-rotational fold-down.


  • With over 30 years’ involvement in the mining industry, Vehicle Safety Flags have an expert understanding of the working conditions of mine sites.

    An LED safety whip will help ensure your vehicle complies with government rules and regulations.