Tough Vehicle Safety Flags That Save Lives

In the UK, Vehicle Safety Flags is a trusted provider of LED safety flags, buggy whips, and whip aerials. With a reputation for producing top-notch safety flags suitable for mining operations, we take pride in our ability to reduce hazards and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


Our commitment to uncompromising quality makes us the go-to company for reliable safety flags in the UK. With over 30 years of experience in the mining industry, we have the expertise to design and manufacture high-quality products. In challenging mining environments with low visibility,our LED buggy whips provide essential safety features to create a secure working environment. The brightly lit and reflective design helps minimize the risk of accidents, such as collisions.

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    Specified and used on Glencore, BHP, Rio Tinto and most mine sites around the world.

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    We can custom manufacture buggy whips and whip aerials to any specification

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Safety Flags Tailored to Suit Individual Specifications

We understand that clients have unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer customised safety flags to meet individual specifications. Our flags come in various colours, including yellow mesh or orange mesh, and are designed with a reflective X to alert drivers of nearby vehicles. We also offer a range of LED pole colours, such as green, white, blue, red, and amber, to enhance visibility.

The length of the flag pole is an essential consideration,with shorter poles being ideal for underground mining and longer poles more suitable for open-pit mines. We provide different mounting base options, such as quick release, spring, magnetic, anti-rotational fold-down, and fixed bolt-on, to ensure clients find an option that meets their specific needs.We are able to supply safety flags to UK mining enterprises in a variety of colours, including orange or yellow mesh. These flags include a reflective X that will alert nearby drivers to the presence of the vehicle.

  • We supply safety whips in United Kingdom that have been manufactured to the highest standards and in accordance with government regulations.

    Each of our vehicle flags consist of a long pole made from PVC-coated fibreglass, which is both durable and flexible. Choose from mounting base options, such as a quick release base so you can attach or detach a flag within seconds.

    Underground mine flags are shorter than standard safety flags, ensuring your vehicle clears the low ceilings in underground mining environments, while longer poles can be used for open pit mine sites.

    Our vehicle warning whips in UK can be topped with a LED light, or the entire pole can be illuminated with LED light colours. We predominantly sell poles with red LEDs, but we can also customise with other colours including green, blue, amber or white.

    By equipping your light vehicle with one of our safety whips in UK, you can rest assured you have quality safety equipment to meet the safety specifications on your minesite.

  • With over 30 years’ involvement in the mining industry, Vehicle Safety Flags have an expert understanding of the working conditions of mine sites.

    An LED safety whip will help ensure your vehicle complies with government rules and regulations.