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Vehicle Safety Flags

Male Deutsch DT Plug to Cigarette Lighter Plug

Male Deutsch DT Plug to Cigarette Lighter Plug

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Part Number: SKU:VSF-CLP


This adapter plug is a versatile and reliable cable designed for seamless connectivity in automotive settings. With a length of 1.2 meters when unraveled, this cable can stretch out to an impressive 3.6 meters, providing flexibility and convenience for various applications. The genuine Male Deutsch Plug ensures a secure and compatible connection with all of our LED safety whips, while the Cigarette Lighter Plug effortlessly fits into the vehicle, offering a hassle-free plug-and-go experience.

Adjustable Length: Unraveled at 1.2m, extends up to 3.6m for versatile automotive setups.
Genuine Deutsch Plug: Male Deutsch DT Plug ensures authentic, reliable connections.
Easy Plug-and-Go: Cigarette Lighter Plug for effortless vehicle integration.
Versatile Automotive Use: Ideal for connecting devices and accessories on-the-go.
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