Mining Safety Flags

Vehicle Safety Flags make and distribute mine flags for use on mine sites around the world.


Our mine flags are designed for use on vehicles in open pit and underground mining environments.

A vehicle mine flag affixed to your vehicle is essential to ensure safety when driving a light vehicle in a mine where there is an increased risk of accidents due to poor visibility.

Mine flags reduce the chance of collisions by alerting heavy machinery drivers that a light vehicle is nearby.


At Vehicle Safety Flags, we customise mine flags for use in open pit and underground mining.

Our underground mine flags are designed to be shorter than standard safety flags, so they are not too tall for the low ceilings in underground mines.

Our mine flags are custom-made with full colour LED poles to ensure maximum visibility in dark conditions. We offer a choice of light colours including red, blue, green, amber and white.

An open pit mine site allows you to use longer poles, fully illuminated with LEDs for superior visibility. Our reflective open pit mining flags are designed to stand out even with even the briefest light flashing in their direction.

A vehicle mine flag from Vehicle Safety Flags has been built to withstand the rough conditions of a mine site. The flagpoles are made from fibreglass, meaning they are durable and flexible. They are available in a range of mounting base options, including a quick release base that allows you to attach or detach a flag within a few seconds.


The team at Vehicle Safety Flags have more than 30 years’ experience in the mining industry. We understand that equipping your vehicle with mine flags contributes to a safer working environment.

Contact us for more information about maximising the visibility of your vehicle and increasing site safety with a vehicle mine flag from Vehicle Safety Flags.

Safety flag poles are made flexible, so at higher speeds will bend and whip. However, to avoid damage to the vehicle or pole, do not drive at speeds faster than 60km/hr when the pole is attached.